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Take Action, today.

We still need your voice. For a number of years the lack of snow removal at the bus stops in Waterloo has created many difficulties for the individuals who depend on public transportation. The Arc Cedar Valley started a campaign this past winter of 2010-2011 to educate the City of Waterloo regarding their responsibility to remove the snow at the bus stops according to the American's with Disabilities Act and to have the Waterloo City ordinance changed.

On March 14th we presented our information before the Waterloo City Council. They listened and assured us that a committee would be formed to resolve the issue. The Waterloo Courier quoted Councilman Quentin Hart, "I can almost guarantee that things are going to get taken of, " he said. "We do take your concerns seriously."

We encourage you to contact the City Council Members and thank them for their interest in resolving this issue and remind them of their commitment to do so before the snow falls this winter. You can contact the City Council Members at Waterloo City Hall. Thank you for your voice!

People First of Black Hawk County

The Arc Cedar Valley partners with People First of Black Hawk County to assist them in their advocacy.  Thanks to a grant from ID Action The Arc Cedar Valley and People First of Black Hawk County were able to take two trips to the Capital in Des Moines, Iowa. The group spent time talking to and lobbying their legislators.

How We Can Help You

We can help you navigate through paperwork, funding sources, and eligibility for service requirements. We can attend Individual Education Plan meetings at school and be supportive of you and your child in their educational programming. We speak out for needed funding, services, and supports with local, county, state, and national officials. We join voices to effect public policy benefiting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.